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8. 24. 2021
The Annual Rings of Nature and Craftsmanship
Grand Seiko reimagines the tree-rings dial with an 18k rose gold case and a new Spring Drive movement.

There will be just 140 pieces of this limited-edition 18k Rose Gold Spring Drive design available globally, created to mark the 140th anniversary of the Seiko Watch Corporation.

Its ‘annual rings’ design is inspired by the interior of a tree – which adds another ring as another year goes by. Commemorating 140 years since Mr Hattori opened his watch and clock repair shop in Tokyo, the rings represent the brand’s constant themes of craftsmanship, innovative design and passion for watchmaking.

A Unique Dial in a Distinctive Design


The dial has an organic feel and brings to life Grand Seiko’s concept of the Nature of Time. An almost tactile effect is created by the way the light captures the multi-dimensional texture. The miniscule but visible variations in the dial’s depth reveal the subtlety of the dark and light tones of the wood grain.

The hour hands are large in volume and are crafted to align exactly with the grooved and prominent hour markers, enhancing the legibility of the time. A distortion-free mirror finish and delicate hairline finish alternate to give the case a quiet and harmonious glow.


This timepiece is from the ‘Series 9’ designs or ‘Kyu’ collection – watches which epitomise the Grand Seiko endeavour to create the most precise, durable, wearable and beautiful watch possible.

‘Kyu’ in Japanese means both 9 – the highest single-digit number possible and ultimate, representing the aim for the ultimate in watchmaking.

Next-Generation Spring Drive Movement

This timepiece is powered by the iconic Spring Drive movement that generates energy like a traditional mechanical watch but combines this with an electronic regulator to deliver a level of precision that no mechanical watch can match. The signature of Spring Drive is the glide motion of its second hand. The hand does not move with either the one-second tick of a quartz watch nor the rapid beat of a mechanical watch, but rather in a silent and beautiful glide motion.

Now relaunched, revamped and redesigned: the next generation Calibre 9RA2 offers a new perspective on perfection which reflects the original Grand Seiko design principles of accuracy, legibility and beauty.


Slimmer, even more precise and more powerful with an impressive power reserve of 120 hours and even greater accuracy of -/+10 seconds per month, the Calibre 9RA2 marks a new beginning.

Slimness is achieved with an Offset Magic Lever that reduces the movement’s depth by 0.8mm compared to our core 9R range. The 120h power reserve is achieved thanks to Dual-size Barrels arranged to allow for expanded capacity in a smaller space while the One-piece Centre Bridge guarantees the movement’s strength, durability and shock resistance.



This commemorative limited edition timepiece is true to the Grand Seiko Style defined in 1967, but its heritage is combined with a contemporary approach that pushes the brand forward, embodying Kintaro Hattori’s motto, “Always one step ahead of the rest.”

Case: 18K Rose Gold
Dimensions: 40mm in diameter x 11.8mm in thickness x 22mm lug width
Movement: 9RA2 Spring Drive
Availability: Limited edition of 140 watches; available at Grand Seiko Boutiques and select Grand Seiko retailers worldwide in December 2021.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive 'Annual Rings'
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